Sigal Wigoda

Sigal loves sunflowers and the color blue. She celebrated her last birthday (18 years old) in this world on July 26, 2019, four months after she was diagnosed with brain cancer. Sigal left behind [...]

Team BrensJoy

“I just think that’s what our goals in life should be… let’s touch some lives and leave people a little bit better.” These were words that Brenda Marie Zaeringer [...]

The Gray Day Gang

Running for Gary Leingang Gary died from brain cancer in 2010 and one of the last things he asked his family to do was to make something good come of his death. We’ve  been honoring Gary [...]

Carl’s Crew

Carl Culicchia Jr. Twelve Days. From the first indication of something not quite right to the moment when Carl’s laughter was silenced until we meet again. Unexpected. Unimaginable. And [...]