Team BrensJoy

“I just think that’s what our goals in life should be… let’s touch some lives and leave people a little bit better.” These were words that Brenda Marie Zaeringer spoke when interviewed by her niece in October 2017. Brenda, a retired social worker who had worked in the Jefferson Parish School system, was diagnosed with glioblastoma in January 2017. She had a large support system, including her “Peeps”, fellow social worker friends who supported her through challenging times. These were among the many people that Brenda was always willing to listen to and to help. After Brenda’s battle with glioblastoma ended in February 2018, her brother and sister formed a non-profit with the purpose of offering a support group for brain cancer patients in the New Orleans area because Brenda felt so fortunate that she had so much support but worried about those who did not. See for more information.